Original Broadlink RM Pro – Universal Wifi Remote Control

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Original Broadlink RM Pro – Universal Wifi Remote Control

Control your home anytime and anywhere through your smartphone!

With the amazing Original Broadlink RM Pro – Universal Wifi Remote Control you can throw away your pile of remote controls. Controlling your home appliances can now be done through your smartphone! This smart device remote control system can connect to your Wifi for you to control infrared/RF appliances through your smartphone. Turn your house into an amazing smart home! You can even preset scheduling and themes to this device so that your appliances will turn on/off automatically at the pre-set time. The possibilities are awesome, you can turn on your lights, your air conditioner or your water heater even before you get home!


  • Support all IR controlled devices such as TV, Air condition, DVD and etc.
  • Support 433MHz and 315MHz frequencies
  • You can control your appliances and devices anywhere, anytime
  • Support Wifi 2.4GHz b/g/n
  • Support Apps for Android and IOS
  • You can set the boot time of TV/Air condition/DVD in advance
  • Support auto modes, AUTO HOME and AUTO AWAY
  • Easy config: One step connection to your home or office Wi-Fi, no gateway needed
  • Scheduling: Pre-set your own profiles, automatically work at a set time


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14 reviews for Original Broadlink RM Pro – Universal Wifi Remote Control

  1. W***r

    Works Great! The only unit on the market that will turn on/off my IR Fireplace using any Echo device. After setting it up, all I say is “Alexa, turn on the Fireplace” or “Alexa, turn the Fireplace on”. The trick in setting it up with this device is to set it up as a Television, then use the Fireplaces Remote to input the on/off button (unit can learn the Remotes buttons) and then rename the “Television” to “Fireplace”. People who come over are impressed when I simply say “Alexa, turn on the Fireplace”. After setting it up, go to the Alexa app and click on the find new device button and you are all set! Some people are complaining that this will only work with TV’s using Alexa and you have to “trick” it to use some other things like I did. This is true, but it’s NOT the fault of this device, but it is a limitation of the Echo at this time.

  2. G***n

    I do not understand all the negative reviews. I was very hesitant after reading the bad reviews, but I took the risk and ordered one of these to try out, to add Alexa voice control to a Vizio TV. It worked perfectly. Setup was easy, right out of the box. Alexa integration was a breeze. After having a positive experience with that one, I ordered 2 more for other rooms. It was a very easy to add these into the IHC app, and set them up. Each time, Alexa easily discovered the additional TVs. Now I have voice control of TVs in 3 different rooms. Could not have been easier. I do not know why so many people are giving this low marks, but my experience was definitely 5-stars. Well done Broadlink!

  3. B***n

    Absolutely a must have if you are adding smart functionality to your house. Works great with Alexa to speak to your home devices. If the item you want to connect has an IR remote you can connect it and make it work with Alexa. I have my TV, surround sound, humidifier, space heater and rokus all connected into this so I can just speak to alexa to do what I need. In order to get this product to work with products not in the list of manufacturers you have to set them up as set top boxes in the add device menu of the app.

  4. K***w

    Once you get past the aggravating setup on this device it works to the point that I don’t even know it’s there anymore. I had one problem with it so far as it does not allow me to use my cable providers full remote, even though it allows some features to work. I use this with my phone with the suggested app as well as with an amazon alexa echo device. It’s not totally flawless and sometimes aggravating which is soon forgotten once you get it to work. I don’t like the power setup, some probably will, everything has a workaround. You definitely have to be knowledgeable with how to set up wifi connections that work internally and then connect universally.

  5. D***d

    This product does exactly what it claims. It will learn your remote functions, or multiple remote functions and then replicate the signals. The programming takes a little getting used to, but it is straight forward. Within an hour I was able to say “Alexa, turn on the living room television”. The remote turned on the tv, turned on my stereo and turned on my cable box. I am now working on more detailed commands like “turn on ESPN” and “turn on Netflix (which requires and input change in my tv). This is a great product for people who want to take their smart home to the next level.

  6. K***s

    This gadget had been great! Alexa cannot turn on the smart TV if it’s off and not receiving signals. I walk in and say “Alexa turn on the TV”- the LG TV comes on as well as the Vizio soundbar, and we’re good to go. It takes a bit setup to get all the remotes signals saved, I still have to do some more… but worth it. Alexa does get a bit confused when I tell her “stop” (aka “shut up i didn’t ask you alexa”) and she turns off the TV right in the middle of whatever you were doing. This only happens when I say “stop” command too close to the “turn on tv” command (so she’s still in TV mode at that point)

  7. S***y

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ which doesn’t have an IR Blaster so this is really helpful. My TV is an old Dynex so it’s not a smart TV or anything. This makes it so I can control my TV with my phone which is awesome cause I use my phone to stream to my TV so it was annoying to be able to control everything on my TV except actually being able to turn it off and on. This fixes that and is inexpensive. Very happy with it. Also let’s me control the volume, channel and input. Measures roughly 2.5″ tall and 2″ across.

  8. A***a

    Easier to set up than a universal remote. I think the people who are rating it low either got a DOA unit or they don’t know how to program simple stuff. The remote has been working great so far and it easily learned the codes.

    The only thing I would like to see is the ability to schedule stuff. Not talking single day timers but ongoing schedules. I have an air conditioner that doesn’t shut off automatically so having it on a schedule would be great.

  9. N***a

    Works well, setup wasn’t too hard following the instructions in the IHC app. Alexa integration was easy, but for devices that you have to ‘learn’ from an existing remote (like my air conditioner, which didn’t have a pre-programmed code set) Alexa won’t be able to find/control them.

  10. M***s

    OK – it’s true that the documentation could be better, but once you figure it out, it works flawlessly! You need to set up everything as a TV or a set top box so that Alexa can recognize it, but that is NO problem (and it’s Alexa’s shortcoming – not Broadlink’s). And here’s the most powerful feature: Alexa can recognize any Scene that you create in the Broadlink IHC app! You can accomplish just about anything this way. This device is a great value – I’m impressed!

  11. L***n

    It’s an amazing device which can take place of all your remotes so that you don’t have to search everywhere for the remotes to control different items such as TV, Stereo, AC etc. but you need to use it with assistance of an e-Control APP, and control the items through your smart phone. One more thing is if you lost your remote already, then it can’t work because the device needs to self-learn from the remotes initially before it’s in use.

  12. M***l

    I’m loving this thing, I got it to have Alexa control my air conditioner and TV and after some time getting 3 different apps to work together I was able to get it to work!
    I’m only rating this 4 out of 5 stars because I wasn’t able to get it to work the way it’s supposed to. It seems that the ihc app only lets Alexa control TVs, so I had to trick it by using a default TV remote (in the app) and reprogram the button commands with my existing AC remote, then I just renamed it to “Air Conditioner”. I have to tell Alexa to “turn the volume up” to get my AC to turn the temp up and “turn the volume down” to turn the temp down… Silly, but it works. So, for those who want their Alexa device to control things that are ir controlled, do this:
    1- Get this ir blaster
    2- download the Broadlink e-control app
    3- download the ihc app (Intelligent Home Center)

  13. B***s

    This could be an incredible device.

    Unfortunately, the manufacturer has decided to cripple it by not exposing actual APIs so that it can easily tie into smart home systems. Instead, you can only use it through an Android or iOS app.

    If this had IFTTT support that didn’t involve tying up a spare Android device to act as a bridge, it’d be 4, even 5 stars. But because the manufacturer has decided to artificially limit it, 3 stars, and that’s being generous. The only reason it gets 3 stars is the RM Bridge app.

  14. F***o

    I have used three if these devices for several months and they have worked perfectly .

    Very good replacement for 6 or more remote controls that I used to require to operate several devices.

    Although the remote database was not complete enough, programming is very easy . Now I can Backup my own setup , so remote addition to the RM Mini is actually one step for the future.

    Integration with Alexa and Goggle Mini is a Breeze.

    Quite satisfied with this product.

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